Lower Mokelmne River Watershed Stewardship Steering Committee

Lower Mokelumne River Watershed Stewardship Plan 

The Mokelumne River Watershed Owner’s Manual is a voluntary, stewardship-based workbook which assists residents of the LMR watershed in reducing non-point source pollution. The manual was adapted by permission from Home*A*Syst: An Environment Risk Assessment Guide for the Home © 1997 by the Regents of the University of Wisconsin System and with the cooperation of the Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service. RCD Watershed Coordinator, John Brodie, wrote, edited and tailored the manual to the Mokelumne River Watershed in 2002. Collaborating authors include Alyson McCann, Carl DuPoldt, Carolyn Johnson, Bill McGowan, Barbara Kneen Avery, Elaine Andrews, Karen Filchak, Richard Castelnuovo, Dean Solomon, Shirley Niemeyer, Michael P. Vogel, and Kathleen Parrott.

Topics address evaluating your property and formulating action plans to:

  • Manage stormwater
  • Reduce pollutants in runoff
  • Manage landscaping and property to reduce runoff and pollutants
  • Manage wells used for drinking water
  • Locate and maintain wells
  • Manage household wastewater and septic/sewer systems
  • Manage hazardous household products
  • Guide proper disposal of household products
  • Maintain your swimming pool
  • And much more…

Order your copy of the Mokulumne River Watershed Owner’s Manual through us by emailing us at sjcrcd@outlook.com