Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the SJCRCD. Below are just a few, or feel free to contact us.

  • Student Activities- Scholarships, learning and activities for students
  • Mokelumne River Stakeholder Recognition Award – The Mokelumne River is a valuable resource that supports the economic, environmental, and aesthetic welfare of California. This award recognizes that conservation, protection and wise stewardship are vital to the maintenance of this irreplaceable resource. Download information about the award.
  • Become a Member or Associate Member of the RCD Board of Directors – Download and send in an on-line application.
  • Storm-Drain Detectives – Help the City of Lodi test water quality at Lodi Lake and in the Lower Mokelumne River through the city’s citizen volunteer and education program.
  • Become a Member of the The Lower Mokelumne River Watershed Stewardship Steering Committee – Give us a call at (209) 472-7127 ext. 125.
  • Need to know more? Browse through the Lower Mokelumne River Watershed Stewardship Plan drafted by the Steering Committee.
  • Reduce non-point source pollution in your own back yard using the RCD’s Mokelumne River Watershed Owner’s Manual.