Noxious Weed Mapping

Noxious Weed Mapping Program

San Joaquin County RCD and the San Joaquin County Ag Commissioner’s office have partnered to map the noxious weeds in the county!

A Noxious Weed is a plant that has been defined as a pest. These weeds are considered a threat to the well being of the natural ecosystems of the region. Noxious weeds are destructive to native species and agriculture. The San Joaquin County mapping program will focus on A and Q rated weeds but all noxious weeds can be reported. For more information on the rating system please visit the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Noxious Weed ListĀ 

View List of A and Q Rated Weeds PDF List of A and Q Rated Weeds

Get Involved

Think you have a noxious weed? Contact the office (209) 337-2124 or email

RCD staff will conduct a field visit to confirm the weed species and map the location.

Weed Management Webinar Series

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